The curriculum followed at Hampton is developed by EtonHouse and caters to all the developmental domains of children. The following areas of learning and development are covered for children aged 18 months to six years:

At Hampton Pre-School, we provide enriching early learning experiences for young children through both planned and spontaneous play. The curriculum is based on a thematic approach, allowing opportunities for children to learn through discussion and reflective thinking about the themes being explored. The children are actively engaged in the learning process that is both relevant and child-responsive. Language development covers English and Mandarin. We provide a positive learning environment where children are encouraged to express themselves confidently in both languages. The second language programme is designed to empower children to understand, speak and write in Mandarin.

Hampton’s qualified and experienced teachers are trained and supported by EtonHouse to equip them with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to deliver international best practice in the classrooms.