Frequently Asked Questions related to Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar

  1. When will the centre open?

Classes at Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar will commence on 2 Janurary 2014.

  1. What is the address and operating hours?

Please refer to

  1. What are the school fees of Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar and are subsidies available?

Please refer to

  1. How do I enroll my child?

The deadline for application was 14 September 2013. After which, documents received would not be taken into consideration. We encourage you to visit the centre in February 2014 to enquire about the updated availability of places and waitlist policy. 

  1. If I have previously submitted my Expression of Interest on an online form, do I need to submit the Application Form?

Even if you had previously submitted your Expression of Interest on an online form, you still need to submit hard copies of required documents to proceed with application. Refer to 4. on how to enroll your child.

  1. What is the intake of the centre?

The projected intake for 2014 is up to 100. This is subject to changes.

  1. What is the staff:student ratio?

The ratio is as follows, and it is aligned with guidelines set by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

     Level / Age


Infant Care


PN / 2 yrs


N1 / 3 yrs


N2 / 4 yrs


K1 / 5 yrs


K2 / 6 yrs