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Parents Education in Pre-Schools (PEPS) Programmes

Parent Education in Pre-Schools (PEPS) programme is a school-based family education programme designed to provide skills and resources for happier, more effective parenting. Parents learn to guide their children’s behaviours, enrich their marriages and build strong, happy families. In schools, PEPS emphasizes family values, social skills and life skills such as building self-esteem and being money-wise. Programmes include thought-provoking, fun and informative workshops, zonal talks and family-themed field trips. PEPS also facilitates the formation of parent support groups, giving members an opportunity to make friends and share experiences with other parents. The cost of these programmes are subsidised by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

We will update you on any upcoming workshops or talks once they are confirmed.


Parent Assembly

Parent Assemblies are organized to allow the children to share their learning experiences with their parents through song, poem, drama and /or dance.
This is also an avenue where we can help the children develop public speaking skills and build up their confidence as they perform in front of an audience. We encourage parents and grandparents to take time off from their daily schedules to support their children and grandchildren.